Motorola Moto g64 5G Review: Best Budget Phone?

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Moto G64 5G Review: Does this budget 5G phone deliver? Performance, camera, battery life tested, plus our honest verdict.

Motorola’s reputation for delivering no-nonsense, value-driven smartphones is well-established. But the Moto g64 5G shows that “value” doesn’t have to mean “boring.” From the moment you pick it up, this phone defies expectations. It looks and feels more expensive than it is, offers a surprisingly vibrant and responsive display, and delivers all-day performance that puts pricier devices to shame. While it may not have every flagship bell and whistle, the Moto g64 5G nails the fundamentals, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a capable and stylish smartphone without breaking the bank.

Motorola Moto g64 Design and Build

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I was truly surprised by the Moto g64 5G’s design and the way it feels in the hand. Often in this price range, you expect a lot of cheap plastic. However, the 3D Premium PMMA that Motorola’s used here changes everything. It’s got a satisfying smoothness and coolness, a far cry from the more utilitarian vibe of typical budget phones. It looks much more expensive than it is.

The size strikes a perfect middle ground. It feels just right – not too small to be fiddly, but not so large that it’s a struggle to use one-handed. And despite its lightness, there’s a reassuring heft to it. You won’t feel like you’re going to accidentally snap it in half.

Where the Moto g64 5G really shines is with its IP52 rating. Yes, it’s not fully waterproof, but I’ve gotten caught in a few light rain showers with this, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Knowing it can shrug off a splash or some dust is major for those of us who are more active or just plain clumsy. It takes some of the worry out of daily life.

Motorola tends to play it safe with colors, but even the simple options look classy thanks to that PMMA material. Overall, the g64 5G punches way above its weight in terms of style, durability, and just how it feels to hold. You could easily mistake this for a more premium device.

Motorola Moto g64 Display

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Motorola hasn’t skimped on the display with the g64 5G, and it shows! That 6.5-inch IPS LCD is a joy. Sure, it’s not an AMOLED with those inky blacks, but it gets plenty bright, and the colors are surprisingly vibrant. But honestly, it’s the Full HD+ resolution that makes the day-to-day difference. Text looks crisp, photos have that extra pop, and it even makes basic web browsing more enjoyable.

The real star of the show, though, is that 120Hz refresh rate. I’ll admit, I was never a refresh rate snob… until I used this. Scrolling through everything, from social media feeds to long documents, is just butter-smooth. Once you’ve experienced this kind of fluidity, it’s hard to go back.

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Another bonus is the 20:9 aspect ratio. It makes the g64 5G ideal for watching movies or playing games. It’s that extra bit of immersion without making the phone unwieldy to hold. I’ve lost a few too many hours to YouTube and mobile games thanks to how nice everything looks on this screen.

Honestly, for the price, this display is hard to beat. It won’t compete with the latest flagships, but it absolutely delivers a satisfying, responsive, and vibrant viewing experience that outperforms most other phones in its class. I’m sold!

Motorola Moto g64 Performance

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I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Moto g64 5G’s performance, especially considering the MediaTek Dimensity 7025 is a relatively new chip. But I gotta say, this phone flies! I went with the 8GB RAM option, and that seems like the sweet spot. Apps open in a flash, multitasking is a breeze, and I haven’t run into any noticeable lag or stuttering, even when juggling several things at once.

I’m not a hardcore mobile gamer, but I did put the g64 5G through some casual gaming sessions. Titles that normally make my older phone chug ran surprisingly well here. There’s obviously a limit, but for everyday play, the Dimensity 7025 and that smooth display make it more than capable.

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Motorola’s commitment to a clean, near-stock version of Android plays a role too. There’s no bloatware dragging the system down, contributing to a snappy and responsive feel.

I haven’t run exhaustive benchmarks, but based on my real-world usage, the g64 5G has blown away my expectations for this price point. Having 128GB of storage as a minimum is great, and the option to pop in a microSD card when needed is a bonus. That kind of expandability is getting rarer in mid-range phones.

Motorola Moto g64 Camera

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Rear Cameras:

  • Main Camera: 50MP (f/1.8 aperture, Quad Pixel technology, OIS, PDAF)
  • Ultrawide Camera: 8MP
  • Macro Camera: 2MP
  • Depth Sensor: 2MP

Front-Facing Camera

  • Front Camera: 16MP

Honestly, I’m used to being underwhelmed by budget-phone cameras. But the Moto g64 5G’s setup has actually been a pleasant surprise. That main 50MP sensor, especially with the addition of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), takes some darn good photos. Even in tricky lighting, I’m getting shots with nice detail and less of the blurriness I usually see in this category.

The Quad Pixel tech is probably doing a lot of the heavy lifting here. It helps the camera gather more light, which really shows when shooting indoors or in the evening. Photos just have less of that grainy, washed-out look that plagues a lot of cheaper phones.

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That ultra-wide-angle camera is surprisingly useful too. Sometimes you just need to fit more in, and it delivers. Night Vision mode is a bit of a mixed bag – it sometimes brightens up nighttime shots too aggressively – but it’s a nice option to have in your pocket. And I’ve always been a fan of Portrait mode for the way it isolates subjects against a blurred background, and the version here does the trick nicely.

Of course, this isn’t going to compete with high-end flagships cameras. It won’t excel at extreme zoom or complex low-light scenarios. But, for everyday shooting – snapshots, social media stuff, even the occasional artsy shot – the Moto g64 5G is more than capable. I’m genuinely impressed by the results Motorola’s squeezed out of this price point.

Motorola Moto g64 Battery and Connectivity

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Let’s be real, one of the biggest worries with any smartphone is battery life. Thankfully, the Moto g64 5G absolutely delivers. That 6000mAh battery is no joke. I’m not the heaviest phone user, but I easily get through a full day and then some. I often end up on day two with juice to spare. For those who are constantly on their phones, you’re still likely to get a full day without having to hunt for an outlet.

The g64 5G’s got the future in mind too. It’s got support for 14 5G bands. Now, depending on where you are, the 5G rollout might not be super noticeable today, but it’s nice knowing this phone is ready for when it is. Plus, even without 5G, having all those bands means you’ll likely get a better signal with the networks you do use.

I’m a big fan of having NFC onboard. Contactless payments are only getting more common, and it’s just convenient to use your phone to tap and go. The Bluetooth 5.3 support is nice for snappier connections to wireless headphones and speakers, and I haven’t noticed any issues with GPS or other location services.

Overall, if you want a phone that won’t let you down when it comes to staying powered up and connected, the Moto g64 5G is a solid contender. It’s got all the essentials covered, and that extra dose of battery life is a major bonus.

Motorola Moto g64 Audio and Additional Features

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The Moto g64 5G shows surprising attention to audio. The stereo speakers actually sound decent, especially in this price range. They get loud without sounding tinny and have a surprising amount of warmth. Dolby Atmos adds a layer of immersion that’s particularly fun when watching movies or playing games.

But what really made me smile was the 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m still partial to my wired headphones, and it’s fantastic that Motorola hasn’t abandoned us audiophiles. Not having to deal with dongles or worry about Bluetooth battery life is a small but significant convenience.

While it’s not an audio powerhouse, the Moto g64 5G pleasantly surprised me with its sound capabilities, making it a solid choice for both casual listening and those who prefer a wired connection.

Motorola Moto g64 Price

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The Moto g64 5G isn’t just a surprise in terms of its features; it also delivers incredible value. With a starting price of just Rs 15000, this phone packs a serious punch for the price. You’re getting a stylish design, a vibrant and fluid display, capable performance, and an all-day battery – a combination that’s hard to beat at this price point.

  • For 8GB+128GB variant: INR 14,999
  • For 12GB+256GB variant: INR 16,999

Pros and Cons of the Moto g64 5G


  • Quality Build: Premium PMMA casing.
  • Responsive Display: 120Hz IPS LCD screen.
  • Solid Performance: MediaTek Dimensity 7025 chipset.
  • Reliable Camera: 50MP main sensor with OIS.
  • Long Battery Life: 6000mAh capacity.5G Ready: Supports multiple 5G bands.


  • Limited Water Resistance: IP52 rated.
  • No AMOLED Screen: Uses an IPS LCD.
  • Average Secondary Cameras: Lesser quality than the main.
  • Not for High-End Gaming: Struggles with intense graphics.

Motorola Moto g64: Verdict

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The Moto g64 5G is an absolute overachiever. Its thoughtful design, robust build quality, and focus on core features like display, performance, and battery life make it an exceptional value. Let’s be clear: this isn’t going to dethrone the latest Samsung or Apple flagships. The camera won’t win awards, and you won’t reach maximum graphical settings in every mobile game.

But for everyday use – scrolling, snapping photos, watching videos, casual gaming, and staying connected – the Moto g64 5G has blown away my expectations. It handles the tasks most people use their phones for with surprising aplomb. If you’re tired of budget phones that feel like compromises, the Moto g64 5G demands your attention.

Motorola Moto g64 5G Review
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The Moto g64 5G is an absolute overachiever. Its thoughtful design, robust build quality, and focus on core features like display, performance, and battery life make it an exceptional value.

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