Notepad++ Seeks User Help to Shut Down Malicious Copycat Site

Notepad++ Seeks User Help to Shut Down Malicious Copycat Site
Notepad++ warns of a fake website that could spread malware. Help them report the harmful copycat to protect users.

Notepad++, the popular text editor, is calling on its community for help in taking down a harmful website that closely mimics its official presence. The copycat site, while currently redirecting to legitimate downloads, poses a significant security risk and undermines the trust within the Notepad++ user base. The developers emphasize that the imposter site can potentially be used to distribute malware or spam.

The fraudulent website in question,, has emerged as a serious concern for the Notepad++ team and its users. It has managed to gain visibility through search results, often confusing those looking for the real Notepad++ website ( While it doesn’t harm users immediately, its existence opens up alarming possibilities. The owners could easily switch from harmless redirects to spreading malware disguised as Notepad++ updates or utilize the platform for extensive advertising scams.

Don Ho, the original developer of Notepad++, expresses worry that the website is intentionally misleading users. The fan-made disclaimer at the footer of the fake site is not sufficient to dispel confusion for many. Additionally, the website is laden with dubious advertisements that serve to profit its creators at the expense of user experience.

The Notepad++ community is urged to actively report this “parasite website” to help take it offline. By flagging it as malicious, users can directly contribute to a safer online environment and protect themselves and others from potential harm. The Notepad++ website offers clear guidance on how to report the fraudulent site, making it easy for users to lend their support.

Security experts agree that copycat websites like these are an increasingly common threat, feeding on the popularity of legitimate software to lure unsuspecting users. The Notepad++ case highlights the need for continued vigilance when browsing the web and downloading software. Always make sure you’re accessing the official website of any project – double-check the URL carefully.


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