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NVIDIA Computex 2024: Announcements on Project G-Assist, NVIDIA ACE NIMs for Digital Humans, and Generative AI Tools

NVIDIA Computex 2024

At Computex 2024, NVIDIA showcased a series of groundbreaking advancements that promise to shape the future of AI and gaming. The key announcements included Project G-Assist, NVIDIA ACE NIMs for Digital Humans, and a suite of generative AI tools.

Project G-Assist

NVIDIA introduced Project G-Assist, an AI-driven assistant designed to enhance the gaming experience. Project G-Assist aims to provide real-time support to gamers, helping them navigate challenging game scenarios, manage in-game resources, and even take over gameplay when the player is away. This tool leverages NVIDIA’s powerful AI capabilities to offer seamless assistance, ensuring that players can enjoy an uninterrupted and optimized gaming experience.

NVIDIA ACE NIMs for Digital Humans

NVIDIA’s ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine) NIMs (NVIDIA Interactive Machines) for Digital Humans marks a significant leap in AI-powered character creation. This platform integrates various AI technologies to create lifelike digital avatars that can be used in gaming, virtual assistants, and customer service applications. Key components of this platform include:

  • Riva: Enables automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech functionalities.
  • Nemotron LLM: Customizable large language model that allows developers to create detailed character backstories and personalities.
  • NeMo Guardrails: Ensures interactions remain within the desired context through programmable rules.
  • Audio2Face: Automatically generates expressive facial animations from audio inputs.

The integration of these technologies allows for the creation of digital humans that can interact naturally and dynamically with users, opening new possibilities for immersive experiences in various domains​.

Generative AI Tools

NVIDIA also unveiled a suite of generative AI tools aimed at empowering developers and creators. These tools leverage NVIDIA’s advanced AI capabilities to assist in content creation, from generating realistic textures and environments for games to creating complex models and animations. The tools are designed to streamline the development process, allowing for faster and more efficient production of high-quality content.

Other Highlights

In addition to the major announcements, NVIDIA teased potential releases and updates to their hardware lineup, including the much-anticipated RTX 5090 graphics card. While details remain scarce, the new GPU is expected to bring significant performance improvements, leveraging the latest advancements in NVIDIA’s Blackwell architecture and GDDR7 memory​​.


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