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OnePlus 12’s First Major Update: Master Mode Unveiled with Hasselblad Expertise

OnePlus 12 users have just received a significant update that promises to transform their photography experience. The update introduces the Hasselblad-tuned Master Mode, taking mobile photography to a new level with enhanced control and quality.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of Hasselblad Master Mode for advanced photography.
  • The update includes manual adjustments, Hasselblad color tuning, RAW capture, and fine-tuning adjustments.
  • Improvements to system stability, fingerprint unlock success rate, and connectivity (Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth).
  • The update, Oxygen OS v14.0.0.404 (EX01), is sizable at 6.48GB, indicating substantial enhancements​​​​​​.

Unveiling the New OnePlus Leaked Features and Specifications

Unveiling Hasselblad Master Mode

The OnePlus 12’s first major update significantly bolsters the device’s camera capabilities by integrating Hasselblad’s renowned color tuning and imaging expertise. This Master Mode replaces the existing Pro Mode, offering users unprecedented control over their photography with options to adjust saturation, contrast, sharpness, and vignette before capturing an image. Moreover, the mode allows for capturing images in RAW format, offering flexibility for post-capture editing​​​​.

Enhanced Device Performance and Connectivity

Apart from the major camera upgrade, the update also brings a suite of improvements aimed at enhancing the overall device performance. These include increased system stability, a higher success rate for fingerprint unlocking, and improved connectivity features for Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Such updates ensure that the OnePlus 12 not only excels in photography but also in user experience and device reliability​​​​.

How to Access Master Mode

Activating the new Master Mode is straightforward. Users need to navigate to the Camera app, swipe to the Master Mode, and adjust the available settings to their preference. This process allows for both automated and manual control over photographic elements, catering to a wide range of user needs from casual snapshots to professional-grade photography​​.

Technical Enhancements and User Experience

The introduction of Master Mode is more than a new feature; it’s a testament to OnePlus’s dedication to user-centric innovation. By allowing adjustments such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus, along with Hasselblad’s color tuning, the update caters to both novice and seasoned photographers. This level of control not only enhances the creative process but also enables users to capture images that more accurately represent their vision.

Impact on the Mobile Photography Landscape

The OnePlus 12’s Hasselblad-tuned Master Mode sets a new benchmark for mobile photography. It places the device squarely against competitors like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel, which are also known for their photographic capabilities. This update could sway potential buyers who prioritize camera quality in their smartphone purchase decision, offering a compelling alternative to other high-end smartphones.

Future Prospects and Updates

The integration of Hasselblad’s technology into OnePlus smartphones is just the beginning. Future updates and models will likely continue to expand on this partnership, introducing more advanced features and perhaps even hardware enhancements inspired by Hasselblad’s imaging technology. As the software evolves, we can expect further improvements in areas such as dynamic range, low light performance, and video capabilities.

The first major update for the OnePlus 12 marks a significant leap in mobile photography, courtesy of its collaboration with Hasselblad. With the introduction of the Master Mode, users can now enjoy professional-level photographic control and quality directly from their smartphones. Alongside camera enhancements, the update improves device performance and connectivity, ensuring an optimized and seamless user experience. This comprehensive update reaffirms OnePlus’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and superior performance through its flagship devices.


  1. What effect will the new Hasselblad Master Mode on the OnePlus 12 have on the state of mobile photography? With enhanced control and clarity, this big 6.48GB upgrade promises to revolutionize smartphone photography. The OnePlus 12’s camera capabilities are enhanced with the Hasselblad-tuned Master Mode, which offers manual tweaks, RAW capture, and color tweaking. In addition to improving photos, the update also improves connection, fingerprint unlock success rate, and system stability. Photography fans will find OnePlus’ user-centric innovation interesting as it places it against competitors such as the iPhone and Pixel. OnePlus’s focus to cutting-edge technology is seen by the smooth activation procedure and commitment to future enhancements. Watch this space for further #mobilezmarket developments.


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