Panasonic Launches TMAX45 Party Speaker with Advanced Features

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) recently unveiled the TMAX45, its latest addition to the party speaker lineup. This high-power audio system, designed to deliver an impressive sound output of approximately 1000W(RMS), comes equipped with a 6.5-inch double woofer, double tweeter, and bass reflex ports. The TMAX45 is engineered for immersive sound quality, catering to various connectivity needs, including a microphone jack for karaoke, a guitar jack, and options like Bluetooth, USB, and Aux.

Panasonic Launches TMAX45 Party Speaker with Advanced Features

Key Highlights:

  • Panasonic TMAX45 party speaker offers a total output power of ~1000W.
  • Features include a 6.5-inch double woofer and double tweeter for enhanced sound quality.
  • Offers versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, Aux, Optical Input for TV, Guitar Input, and Mic Input for Karaoke.
  • Comes with stylish design options including 9 Patterns Multi-Colour & 3 patterns Single Colour Illumination, and 2 Flashing Lights.

Priced at INR 30,990, the TMAX45 is now available across all Panasonic brand shops, Panasonic’s Direct-to-Consumer platform, major retail outlets, and popular e-commerce portals. This speaker stands out with its seven colour illumination options, aligning with multiple sound modes like Rock, Jazz, Samba, Pop, and Flat. The built-in handle adds to its portability, making it a versatile option for various social settings.

Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director at Panasonic Marketing India, PLSIND, highlighted the brand’s commitment to delivering technologically advanced products that enhance everyday experiences. The TMAX45, according to Fujimori, is a testament to Panasonic’s dedication to creating products that amplify social interactions and create memorable moments.

Samaksh Ahuja, Product Category Chief at CE, PLSIND, described the TMAX45 as more than just a speaker. “In a time where social interactions are highly valued, the TMAX45 emerges as a comprehensive audio solution,” Ahuja said. He emphasized the speaker’s ability to deliver powerful bass and clear audio in various settings, alongside features like microphone and guitar input and customizable lighting. The TMAX45 is positioned as a significant addition to Panasonic’s audio portfolio, meeting the rising demand for versatile and high-performing speakers.

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