Philips Home Safety 5000 Series: Revolutionizing Home Security with New Technology

Versuni, a notable name in domestic appliance brands, has announced the launch of the Philips Home Safety 5000 series. This new range includes innovative home safety appliances, such as an indoor 360° camera and motion sensor plugs, featuring a unique combination of Wi-Fi and thread sensing technology. The Series 5000 is designed to integrate seamlessly into homes, offering advanced security features.

Key Highlights:

  • The Philips Home Safety 5000 series employs non-line-of-sight motion sensors using Wi-Fi and thread sensing technology.
  • This technology allows for full home coverage without the need for a hub or a device in every room.
  • The series includes a range of devices, such as indoor 360° cameras and wireless sensing systems.
  • The dedicated Philips Home Safety app provides 24/7 access and control of home security.
  • The system is set to launch in March 2024 in various countries, starting with Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Philips Home Safety 5000 Series: Revolutionizing Home Security with New Technology

Versuni’s latest offering in the home safety market, the Philips Home Safety 5000 series, incorporates advanced technology for enhanced security. This range features a wireless sensing system that utilizes digital sensors and contact sensors. These sensors, leveraging Wi-Fi and Thread technology, can detect motion without the need for a device in every room. The use of Thread technology means the system does not require a hub, and only one device within Wi-Fi reach is enough to create a comprehensive mesh sensing network.

Pooja Baid, Chief Marketing Officer at Versuni India, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a trusted and seamless home safety ecosystem. The Philips Home Safety 5000 series represents a significant step forward in design and technology, aiming to connect users with their homes and loved ones, regardless of their location.

The series features cutting-edge motion sensors developed in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) company Nami. These sensors can detect motion in real-time without the need for a camera in every room. They are capable of differentiating between human presence and pets or vacuum bots, thanks to machine learning algorithms. Additionally, these sensors are not affected by high temperatures or sunlight rays, unlike traditional PIR motion sensors.

Installation of the Philips Home Safety camera and sensors is straightforward and quick, thanks to their hub-free design. The system includes a smart plug with embedded digital motion sensing software, a pack of three sensors, and a door sensor that can cover up to 1,500 sq ft. This coverage can be extended with additional sensors or zones.

The Philips Home Safety app allows users to have round-the-clock control and insights into their home security. The system offers dual storage capabilities, recording locally to an SD card and backing up content to the cloud. In case of Wi-Fi outages, the devices continue to record locally. The recordings are secured with end-to-end encryption of the same standard used by banks.

The Philips Home Safety Series 5000 will be available from March 2024, following the successful launch of the Series 3000 in India last year. The series includes various devices such as the indoor 360° camera and a wireless sensing system, offering a comprehensive solution for home safety.

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