POCO and Taco Bell Launch #LoadedWithMore Campaign with Hardik Pandya

POCO and Taco Bell Launch #LoadedWithMore Campaign with Hardik Pandya
Join POCO and Taco Bell's #LoadedWithMore campaign for a chance to win a POCO smartphone with every purchase from Taco Bell’s reloaded menu. Excitement awaits!

POCO, a technology brand, has teamed up with Taco Bell, a leading global taco chain, for the #LoadedWithMore campaign, targeting Gen Z with a mix of technology and cuisine. The campaign, featuring cricketer Hardik Pandya as the brand ambassador, aims to blend POCO’s innovative smartphones with Taco Bell’s sizeable menu offerings.

Campaign Highlights:

  • POCO and Taco Bell unite for the #LoadedWithMore campaign, focusing on Gen Z.
  • The partnership celebrates the shared value of offering more in terms of technology and food.
  • Cricketer Hardik Pandya represents both brands, symbolizing the campaign’s youthful energy.
  • Customers can win a POCO smartphone by ordering from Taco Bell’s reloaded menu starting at Rs. 59*.

Himanshu Tandon, Country Head of POCO India, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration represents a perfect blend of innovation and taste. We believe this exciting campaign will resonate with our Gen Z audience and offer them an unparalleled experience.”

Harneet Singh Rajpal, CEO of Taco Bell India, also shared his excitement, saying, “This collaboration between two cool brands and Hardik brings this ‘Loaded with more’ philosophy of both brands to life in an engaging and entertaining way.”

As part of the campaign, Taco Bell offers customers a chance to win a POCO smartphone by ordering from their reloaded menu. The contest details and terms will be shared on the Instagram pages of Taco Bell India and POCO India.

This initiative reflects the commitment of both POCO and Taco Bell to deliver more value and excitement to their customers, promising a series of engaging activities and surprises for fans.

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