Xiaomi Studio Debuts in India with “The Rolling Ball” Shot on #Xiaomi13Pro

Xiaomi Studio Debuts in India with "The Rolling Ball" Shot on #Xiaomi13Pro

Xiaomi India has marked its presence with the launch of Xiaomi Studios in India, presenting its first production, “The Rolling Ball.” The film was shot exclusively using the #Xiaomi13Pro in collaboration with Dolby and Qualcomm. Adding an element of charm, cricket icon Saurav Ganguly has a special cameo in the movie.

Key Highlights:

  • Xiaomi Studios launched in India with its first production “The Rolling Ball.”
  • The film was shot using the #Xiaomi13Pro in partnership with Dolby and Qualcomm®.
  • Cricket veteran Saurav Ganguly makes a cameo in the film.
  • The movie is available for streaming on Xiaomi India’s official YouTube channel.

Xiaomi Studio Debuts in India with "The Rolling Ball" Shot on #Xiaomi13Pro

The introduction of “The Rolling Ball” aims to demonstrate the capabilities of smartphone cameras in narrating engaging stories. Xiaomi Studios’ main objective is to provide a platform for creators to exhibit their talents using Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi Studios serves as a global community where individuals worldwide have the opportunity to delve into their creative pursuits using Xiaomi phones and further their evolution as filmmakers. The studio not only supports creators but also invites movie enthusiasts from the community, granting them the chance to produce cinematic content.

Mr. Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at Xiaomi India, remarked, “The introduction of Xiaomi Studios in India is a testament to our commitment to the creative community. ‘The Rolling Ball’, captured on the #Xiaomi13Pro, showcases the potential of Xiaomi devices in filmmaking. We are enthusiastic about ushering creators into this new phase of unbounded possibilities with Xiaomi Studios.”

“The Rolling Ball” aims to engage viewers through its intriguing plot, remarkable acting, and breathtaking visuals. Its association with leading tech giants Dolby and Qualcomm further emphasizes Xiaomi’s commitment to blending technology with entertainment.

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