Samsung Unveils Third Edition of ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ Offering Significant Grants

Samsung Unveils Third Edition of 'Solve for Tomorrow' Offering Significant Grants
Samsung's 'Solve for Tomorrow' 2024 invites Indian youth to innovate for community and environment, offering substantial grants and support in collaboration with leading organizations

Samsung, a leading consumer electronics brand in India, has launched the third installment of its ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ initiative, aimed at fostering innovative thinking among the youth. This edition, developed in collaboration with the Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT) at IIT Delhi, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, and the United Nations in India, focuses on addressing societal challenges through innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • The initiative introduces two tracks: School Track for ages 14-17, focusing on “community and inclusion”, and Youth Track for ages 18-22, emphasizing “environment and sustainability”.
  • Winners of the Youth Track will receive an INR 50 Lakh grant for incubation, while School Track winners will receive an INR 25 Lakh grant for prototype development.
  • Support from prominent organizations and government bodies highlights the commitment to solving global and local challenges through youth innovation.

Initiative Overview

‘Solve for Tomorrow’ offers young minds an opportunity to propose innovative solutions addressing key societal issues. The initiative, structured into two separate tracks, aims at inclusivity and environmental sustainability. It provides a platform for students and young adults to contribute to their communities and the world at large, with substantial support in the form of mentoring, training, and financial grants for the development and incubation of their ideas.

Collaboration and Support

The inauguration saw participation from notable figures, including Mr. JB Park, President & CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, and representatives from the Ministry of Electronics & IT, and the United Nations in India. This collaboration underscores a collective effort to leverage technology and innovation for societal benefit.

Mr. JB Park highlighted the initiative’s role in encouraging the next generation to address real-world problems through innovation. Meanwhile, Dr. Sandip Chatterjee from MeitY and Shombi Sharp from the UN praised the initiative’s alignment with government priorities and global sustainability goals.

Programme Structure and Rewards

The ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ programme offers a structured pathway from idea submission to prototype development, providing participants with access to expert mentoring and resources. Semi-finalists in both tracks receive grants and Samsung technology products to aid in prototype development, while winners receive substantial grants for further development and incubation.

Participation and Impact

With a closing date for applications on May 31, 2024, the initiative encourages wide participation. It reflects Samsung’s global CSR vision, emphasizing education and empowerment for young innovators. Having reached over 2.3 million participants worldwide, the initiative underscores the impact of collective efforts in addressing critical challenges.

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