Sonic Lamb Headphones Now Available on Amazon

Sonic Lamb Headphones Now Available on Amazon
Buy Sonic Lamb headphones on and experience innovative audio technology with enhanced body sound conduction, available in three colors with attractive offers.

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd has announced the availability of Sonic Lamb headphones on, providing an accessible platform for customers in India to purchase the advanced audio device.

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing and Availability: Sonic Lamb headphones priced at Rs 17,999, available on
  • Innovative Technology: Features a unique Impulse driver and wooferpads for a physical sound sensation.
  • Manufacturing and Design: Developed and manufactured in India, tuned in Struer, Denmark for high-fidelity sound.
  • Additional Features: Replaceable earpads, multimode dial for personalized audio, and available in three colors.

Enhancing Audio Experience with Innovative Technology

Sonic Lamb headphones employ a patented technology that includes a proprietary Impulse driver. This driver converts low-frequency audio signals into mechanical impulses. These impulses activate specially engineered earpads—referred to as wooferpads—that transform into a virtual diaphragm. This technology enables the user to feel the sound through body conduction, involving both bone and skin, offering a more immersive and less fatiguing listening experience compared to traditional headphones.

Designed for Comfort and Flexibility

The headphones are designed with user comfort in mind, featuring plush, replaceable earpads for a hygienic and immersive listening experience. The earpads also offer effective passive noise cancellation. Users can customize their audio experience with the Sonic Lamb’s Multimode dial, which allows them to switch between different listening modes such as Hear, Feel, Immerse, and Beast, catering to various audio content needs from music and movies to gaming.

Broad Accessibility and Customization Options

Rapture Innovation Labs’ partnership with Amazon aims to make cutting-edge audio technology more widely available. According to Mr. Navajith Karkera, CEO and Co-founder, this collaboration will help them reach a broader audience of music enthusiasts and audiophiles across India. The headphones are available in three colors: Obsidian Black, Ember Grey, and Moonstone White, providing customers with multiple options to match their style.

Amazon is enhancing the deal with incentives such as free delivery, standard and No-cost EMIs, various bank offers, and festive discounts.

For more details and to purchase the Sonic Lamb headphones, potential buyers can visit the official product page through the provided link.

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