Home News Sony India Introduces XS-162GS and XS-160GS Car Speakers

Sony India Introduces XS-162GS and XS-160GS Car Speakers

Sony India Introduces XS-162GS and XS-160GS Car Speakers

Sony India has launched the XS-162GS and XS-160GS car speakers, designed to enhance automotive audio experiences specifically for the Indian market. These new models promise superior sound quality and eco-friendly packaging.

Key Highlights

  • Launch Date: 20th May 2024
  • Models: XS-162GS (2-way component speakers) and XS-160GS (2-way coaxial speakers)
  • Power: 350W peak, 60W RMS
  • Features: Composite polypropylene cone woofer, foam rubber surround, silk soft dome tweeter
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: 98% paper cushions, reduced ink usage by 90%
  • Availability: From 27th May 2024 at select car dealers in India

Features and Specifications

Composite Polypropylene Cone Woofer:
The woofer is designed to provide deep bass and smooth integration with the tweeter, ensuring balanced sound.

Foam Rubber Surround:
Lightweight and durable, the foam rubber surround offers optimal damping characteristics for responsive bass notes.

Silk Soft Dome Tweeter:
Inspired by premium speaker designs, the tweeter provides natural and smooth sound with wider dispersion.

Dynamic Air Diffuser:
Ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and cooling of the voice coil.

Progressive Height Rate Spider:
Allows for higher power handling and precise cushioning of the speaker cone.

Easy Installation:
The compact design of the tweeter chassis and shallow woofer basket facilitates easy installation in various vehicles.

Phase Plug (XS-162GS Only):
Helps achieve an ideal frequency response, enhancing sound quality.

Supplied Tweeter Mounts/Adaptors (XS-162GS Only):
Flexible installation options for optimal acoustic results.

In-line Crossover Networks (XS-162GS Only):
Simplifies wiring for installation in a variety of vehicles.

Environmental Considerations

Sony’s new GS line-up features eco-friendly packaging, with 98% of the cushions made from paper materials. The company has also significantly reduced printer ink usage by approximately 90%, showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Availability and Pricing

The new XS-162GS and XS-160GS speakers will be available at select car dealers across India from 27th May 2024.

  • XS-162GS: Rs. 16,990/-
  • XS-160GS: Rs. 12,990/-

These speakers aim to provide an improved audio experience while also addressing environmental concerns, making them a notable addition to Sony India’s product line-up.


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