Survey Reveals Indian Car Owners’ Key Demands for 2024 Elections

Survey Reveals Indian Car Owners' Key Demands for 2024 Elections
Discover key insights from a new survey where Indian car owners express their demands for the 2024 elections, emphasizing better roads and police reforms.

A recent survey conducted by Park+, a super app for car owners, highlights the key expectations of Indian car owners from political contenders in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The survey gathered opinions from over 50,000 car owners across major Indian cities.

Key Highlights:

  • 98% of car owners prioritize improved road infrastructure.
  • 81% call for friendlier traffic police personnel.
  • 83% of female car owners demand more women in traffic police roles.
  • Concerns over waterlogging and road safety are also prevalent.

Survey Findings

The survey revealed a strong desire for enhanced road infrastructure, with 98% of respondents marking it as a top priority. Additionally, a significant portion of car owners, 81%, seek a friendlier interaction with traffic police. Other notable findings include a demand for better management of road rage and dangerous driving, highlighted by 61% of participants.

Specifically, women car owners expressed a particular need for greater representation of women in traffic police roles on major roads and highways, with 83% supporting this change.

Regional concerns varied, with issues such as waterlogging during the monsoon season and illegal parking during peak hours being highlighted in different cities.

Regional Demands

  • Delhi NCR: Better traffic management, improved road infrastructure, friendlier traffic police.
  • Mumbai: Solutions to waterlogging, improved traffic flow during peak hours, and reduced illegal parking.
  • Bengaluru: Enhanced regulations against road rage, illegal parking, and better traffic management.
  • Ahmedabad and Chennai: Similar demands for improved road infrastructure and traffic management.

Industry Experts Weigh In

Amit Lakhotia, CEO of Park+, stated that the survey aims to identify the pain points of car owners and collaborate with stakeholders to address these issues. He emphasized the importance of this data in influencing policy decisions to enhance the driving experience across India.

Akhilesh Srivastava, Road Safety Ambassador, shared his optimism about the impact of the survey. He pointed out the current challenges of driving in India, including the prevalence of road rage and the need for a more robust traffic police force. His remarks underscore the urgent need for infrastructural improvements and better traffic management practices.


This comprehensive survey from Park+ not only sheds light on the immediate needs of Indian car owners but also sets a framework for political parties to focus on as they prepare for the upcoming elections. With road safety and infrastructure at the forefront, there is a clear call to action for improved conditions that could significantly enhance the quality of life for millions of drivers across the nation.

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