Tech Mahindra Introduces Populii, a New Crowdsourcing Platform

Tech Mahindra, a company specializing in digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering solutions, has today announced the launch of Populii, a new crowdsourcing platform. This initiative aims to enable collaboration between gig workers and enterprises on micro jobs that are critical for developing smarter AI solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Tech Mahindra has launched Populii, a platform for gig workers to collaborate on AI solution development.
  • Populii offers opportunities in data management, transcription, and annotation for gig workers.
  • The platform operates on three principles: Advise, Annotate, and Acquire.
  • Birendra Sen from Tech Mahindra highlights the benefits for both gig workers and enterprises.
  • Populii aims to provide flexible work, upskilling opportunities, and reliable data for AI algorithms.
  • The platform builds on Tech Mahindra’s acquisition of DataMime and aligns with their NXT.NOW framework.

Tech Mahindra Introduces Populii, a New Crowdsourcing Platform

Populii is set to offer a wide array of opportunities for those seeking gig jobs, particularly in areas like data management, microtasks, and user studies, working alongside industry-leading enterprises. The platform will focus on various gig jobs, including content rating, data collection, transcription, and annotation across multiple data types. Additionally, Populii will assist enterprises in developing machine-learning models with the help of a skilled and flexible workforce.

The platform’s functioning is guided by three principles: Advise, Annotate, and Acquire. These principles are designed to streamline enterprise processes and accelerate product development. Populii will feature advice from Tech Mahindra experts, annotation facilitated by Tech Mahindra’s training models, and the acquisition of diverse data types in over 80 languages.

Birendra Sen, Business Head of Business Process Services at Tech Mahindra, emphasized the platform’s role in connecting skilled gig workers globally with enterprises, aiding in the accelerated development of AI solutions. He noted the mutual benefits for gig workers and enterprises, including cost reduction, increased productivity, and access to top AI projects.

For gig workers, Populii promises to be a community where they can find suitable jobs, enhance their skills, and receive timely payments. For enterprises, the platform aims to deliver rich and accurate data aligned with business goals. Built on the foundation of DataMime, acquired by Tech Mahindra in 2020, Populii offers customizable workflows and a secure multitenant architecture.

The development of Populii is part of Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOW framework, which focuses on human-centric experiences and investing in emerging technologies and solutions that facilitate digital transformation and cater to evolving customer needs.

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