Home News Top 5 Leading Tech Home Automation Startups in India 2024

Top 5 Leading Tech Home Automation Startups in India 2024

Top 5 Leading Tech Home Automation Startups in India 2024

The idea of a “smart home” is gaining traction as we near a new age of technological innovation. With the advancement of artificial intelligence and networking, home automation has transformed from a luxury to a need. In the age of digitalization, home automation is crucial for property owners. It can give control and simplify work by integrating various systems and devices. A single voice command may be used to manage anything with a home automation system, including music, security, lighting, and temperature. Here are the top 5 businesses offering different options to make your home smart, so you don’t need to search any further if you’re going to do so.

Top 5 Leading Tech Home Automation Startups in India 2024

Smart Node

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Smart Node offers an Integrated Home Automation System for Security, Comfort & Convenience. Automate your daily boring tasks with Smart Node’s Automation Systems, and add security, and convenience to your life while saving time and energy. With Smart Node mobile app’s anywhere, anytime access, secure your home, and live stress-free. This means you have security at your fingertips. Smart Node’s wide range of bespoke Smart Home Products is designed to efficiently complement your lifestyle with Convenience, Safety & Comfort. These nodes may also incorporate advanced technologies like Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi to establish reliable communication protocols. By functioning as the brain of a smart home network, smart nodes enhance efficiency, interoperability, and user experience, contributing to the evolution of intelligent and interconnected living spaces.

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GM Modular

8E8ql6ipB7bctyc6AWwj GMphX0kSQWT0wCGWVXSWE KSR o5se dyeVtM6Dg7od8SybBVAIDKwOR3X167pkzrrY6Z5 L2agRPSEYh jjDLdcmJR96WMZLIhvHycEHzi8HLKGM has given switch manufacturing a new identity in India. It has introduced path breaking innovations and accessories like new generation switches, home automation, Bluetooth music players, home security products, switchgears and a brilliant contemporary range in LED lighting and luminaires that have transformed people’s lives tremendously. With a strong research & development team, along with an equally dedicated and capable product design team, GM has been catering to various household and commercial needs of customers across the country. Through constant innovation, GM has become the market leader in switches and all home electrical accessories. GM’s manufacturing facility is spread around 2.5 lakh square feet with the most efficient and high-grade machinery that produces the finest quality GM products.

Home Brain

1AqQ0csEL1Szx 3HrHfwx8ieH2Nl ifEFSzIKqfsGRKVdJq3OBu5D2apRn2mTc1uCkgXXbdP d8H0b6GpYjJ7LcyUKkZrjuhHfNG1rsun NSM3WOeSF9S93IohSGidda5VRwA32k7HSHlPNrVHome Brain is a Gurgaon-based startup that offers automation consulting, designing, and integration with hands-on experience in today’s technological era. It is the brainchild of NetWorld Inc, which is a leading IT-enabled company and some of its products are Security Brain, Lighting Brain, Entertainment Brain, Climate Brain, and Appliance Brain.


3QSz6CfTeuRUhlFfbOm 3nTPG8fA83UL3BqXiyTTkwHGsTa9U7vbJdQa LzgIcQMtkXMT2bQW 3278A 8FlDdsAC22HSa0eWgPicoStone is a  Mumbai-based smart home automation startup that was founded by Virang Jhaveri, Niket Sarvaiya, and Nilesh Jain with a mission to automate every home in India. PicoStone gives its users complete control of their electrical devices at their fingertips and also helps in saving electricity their product named Butler controls smart home devices.

Fox Domotics

Nno9hEn0Tx8dDADTPE7Gdm1Nb3RG TJI1boMDer9jpNQQ4rO4wQX 4xCUeRTOMHeVSUJU1b ZwGUJFHbvo0Xmc197gTedAKkQffiA1T7XnPICAUXG Xbb9ctEAlJHUKgVxzIRvv0u3h67yUyDjjBrUsD63z 7 ITazVsEwGy YON oz21no6KuZbON783wEstablished in 2012, Fox Domotics is a Mumbai-based business that specialises in home automation manufacturing. It is well-known in the industry for producing touch switches, wifi light switches, and hotel room automation switches. The man who turned Fox Domotics from a simple concept on paper into one of India’s most prosperous home automation firms is Mohammed Sikander Manihar.

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