U&i Introduces New Bluetooth Audio Lineup for Diwali Celebrations

U&i Introduces New Bluetooth Audio Lineup for Diwali Celebrations

As Diwali approaches, U&i, a prominent name in the gadget and consumer electronics sector in India, expands its product offerings with the launch of three new Bluetooth audio devices. The lineup includes the Trans 2.0 and Vengo Series neckbands, alongside the Jungle Series desktop speaker, all crafted to cater to the needs of users on-the-go and those looking to enhance their audio experience at home or in the office.

Key Highlights:

  • U&i has launched three new Bluetooth audio products tailored for the festive season.
  • The Trans 2.0 and Vengo Series are neckbands designed for travelers, offering long battery life and hands-free calling capabilities.
  • The Jungle Series combines a desktop speaker with a portable soundbar, featuring 15 RGB lights for an enhanced visual experience.
  • The products are equipped with modern features such as Bluetooth 5.3, dynamic bass, and noise reduction.
  • All new devices are now available for purchase in India, with prices ranging from INR 2,199 to INR 3,999.

U&i Introduces New Bluetooth Audio Lineup for Diwali Celebrations

The Trans 2.0 Series neckbands feature a significant standby time of 400 hours and provide up to 40 hours of talk and music time on a single charge. They come with a USB Type-C port for recharging, sport a built-in mic, and are designed to deliver high-quality audio output across a wide frequency range. The Vengo Series steps up with an extended standby time of 500 hours and up to 50 hours of usage time, along with added conveniences like magnetic earphone drivers and a vibration mode for call alerts.

For those who prefer non-wearable audio devices, the Jungle Series offers a visually stimulating experience with its integrated RGB lights and multiple lighting modes. This desktop speaker doubles as a soundbar and includes Bluetooth connectivity and an FM receiver for diverse listening options.

The Trans 2.0 and Vengo Series neckbands are priced at INR 2,199 and INR 2,799, respectively, while the Jungle Series speaker comes with a price tag of INR 3,999. These products are now available for purchase at U&i retail stores and other major electronics outlets across India.

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