URBAN Launches New Harmonic Series Sound Bars

URBAN Launches New Harmonic Series Sound Bars

URBAN, an Indian technology brand, has expanded its product lineup by entering the home audio category with the launch of its Harmonic series sound bars. The series includes the Harmonic 2240, featuring Dolby Surround Sound, and the Harmonic 1120, known for its Deep Bass HD Sound. These sound bars are designed to enhance the home audio experience with their quality sound, aesthetics, and advanced features.

Key Highlights:

  • The Harmonic 2240 offers a 240-Watt output, Dolby Audio Surround Sound, quad speakers, and a wireless subwoofer for an immersive audio experience.
  • The Harmonic 1120 is designed with a powerful subwoofer and deep bass, tailored for Indian preferences in audio.
  • Available at starting prices of Rs 9,999, the Harmonic Series is accessible through e-commerce platforms, the URBAN website, and offline retail channels.
  • URBAN’s move into the home theatre sound bar market is a significant part of its expansion in personal audio and home theatre offerings.

URBAN Launches New Harmonic Series Sound Bars

The Harmonic 2240 and Harmonic 1120 models are equipped to connect with smart TVs and gaming consoles, providing clear and high-fidelity audio. They feature customizable EQ settings to cater to individual preferences, making them versatile additions to any entertainment setup.

Aashish Kumbhat, Co-Founder of URBAN, emphasized the brand’s commitment to enhancing the consumer audio experience. “Our vision with the Harmonic Sound bar Range is to redefine the audio landscape by offering high-quality sound, design, and features accessible to everyone. We are focused on customer needs and strategic partnerships to continue providing exceptional audio solutions,” Kumbhat stated.

The Harmonic 2240 is priced at an inaugural Rs 12,999, while the Harmonic 1120 is offered at a discounted Rs 9,999. The series aims to deliver immersive sound through features like a 240-watt sound bar and subwoofer combo, Dolby Audio technology, customizable bass settings, wireless connectivity, and a range of audio input options.

URBAN’s Harmonic sound bars are designed not only to provide exceptional sound quality but also to integrate seamlessly into home d├ęcors, offering a sophisticated touch to entertainment setups. They are now available for purchase at competitive prices, marking URBAN’s promising entry into the home theatre sound bar market. For more information, visit the URBAN website.

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