Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Every Type of Enthusiast

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show affection through thoughtful gifts, and for those with a penchant for technology, this year offers a range of gadgets that combine functionality with novelty. From storage solutions to advanced driving aids, the selection caters to a variety of interests and needs, ensuring that your gift is both appreciated and useful.

Key Highlights:

  • The Lexar Professional NM800PRO SSD is designed for enhanced computer performance, featuring a heatsink for gamers, professionals, and creators.
  • The Lexar M22 JumpDrive offers a compact and portable design with a sleek metal finish, ideal for convenient data storage and transfer.
  • UNO Minda’s Car DVR with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) focuses on road safety with features like 720P full HD resolution and a 170° lens angle for clear recordings and broad situational awareness.

Valentine's Day Tech Gifts for Every Type of Enthusiast

In the realm of gifts for the technologically inclined, the Lexar Professional NM800PRO M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD stands out for its focus on high-performance computing. This SSD is not just about storage; it’s equipped with a heatsink designed to meet the demands of gaming, professional, and creative tasks. It’s compatible with PlayStation 5 and PCs, offering improved speed, power efficiency, and thermal control. Available online and through official channels, its price is set at Rs. 12,999 for the 512 GB model.

For those who value both form and function, the Lexar M22 JumpDrive is a notable option. This USB flash drive combines a sleek, ultra-slim design with practicality, making it a charming yet functional gift. Its ease of use, portability, and included key ring enhance its appeal, priced at Rs. 695 for the 64GB version.

Safety-conscious drivers would appreciate the UNO Minda Car DVR with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). This device not only records driving footage with 720P full HD resolution but also offers a wide 170° lens angle for comprehensive coverage. Its support for SD cards up to 32GB and easy connectivity to Android screens makes it a valuable asset for any driver, available at Rs. 6,999.

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