viaDOTS Launches Digital Meter Taxi Service in Bengaluru

viaDOTS Launches Digital Meter Taxi Service in Bengaluru

viaDOTS, a company in the ride-hailing market, has introduced Digital Meter Taxi Services in Bengaluru. This service is designed to provide transparency and fairness for both drivers and passengers. It features a digital meter that calculates fares to prevent price surges and volatility, allowing riders to see estimated prices before starting their journeys.

Key Highlights:

  • Digital Meter Taxi Services aim for transparency and fairness in pricing.
  • Riders can book taxis without the need for an app, directly approaching drivers equipped with digital meters.
  • The service restricts price surges by offering meter-calculated fares.
  • Drivers can set up the digital meter independently, adhering to KYC and safety standards.
  • The viaDOTS Driver App ensures continuous tracking and safety, with drivers undergoing thorough background checks.

viaDOTS Launches Digital Meter Taxi Service in Bengaluru

In his statement, Vyshak Simha, CEO of viaDOTS, emphasized the company’s commitment to transforming cab services into a more convenient, transparent, and safe option. He highlighted the importance of GPS-enabled Digital Meter Taxis in ensuring secure rides and putting the needs of both drivers and riders first.

Since its inception in 2023, viaDOTS has seen significant growth, with 10,000 drivers joining the platform within two months. The platform boasts a 20% ride conversion rate and has attracted 22,000 app users.

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