ViewSonic Focuses on Strategic Expansion in the Indian Market

ViewSonic Focuses on Strategic Expansion in the Indian Market

ViewSonic Corp., known for its visual solutions, sees significant growth opportunities in the Indian market. With its presence in India for over a decade, ViewSonic is focused on enhancing its market presence. Mr. James Chu, Founder & Chairman of ViewSonic, highlighted plans for strategic expansion in this rapidly evolving market

Key Highlights:

  • ViewSonic aims to strengthen its presence in the Indian market.
  • The company emphasizes contributions to the edtech segment.
  • ViewSonic holds the number 1 position for Interactive Flat Panels and LED Projectors in India.
  • Company is building a comprehensive education community ecosystem.
  • Over 7000 dealers connected with the company in India and 235+ service centers established.

ViewSonic Focuses on Strategic Expansion in the Indian Market

India’s robust economic growth, a vast tech-oriented population, and favorable government policies have caught ViewSonic’s attention. “We are designing products and solutions to meet the needs of varied sectors in India. In the audio-visual domain, our team noticed a demand shift in the education sector. Our goal in the edtech space is to create a holistic Education Ecosystem that integrates hardware, software, and services,” shared Mr. Chu.

The company’s commitment to the education segment is evident. According to FutureSource Consulting, ViewSonic secured the top position as the Interactive Flat Panel brand in India, with 32.5% market share in Q2, 2023. Since 2020 (Q4), the company has consistently maintained this leading position. It also dominates the LED Projector segment.

Technology’s role in reshaping the education sector is undeniable. Edtech has revolutionized the industry over the past 15 years, emphasizing efficiency and accessibility. Acknowledging India’s diverse education system, ViewSonic is developing a comprehensive educational ecosystem with collaborative tools, allowing educators more flexibility and offering efficient, integrated solutions.

Mr. Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager at ViewSonic, noted the vast potential India holds for tech and electronics businesses. “The rise of IT, edtech, and corporate sectors in India means an increased demand for visual products like monitors and projectors. Our aim is to provide top-notch visual solutions. We’re seeing a positive response in the edtech segment, and we’re collaborating with the local government to shape the ‘Future Classroom’, addressing educators’ and schools’ needs. The Indian market also has a high demand for our home-entertainment products,” said Mr. Wei.

ViewSonic is also extending its reach in the monitor division, offering a wide range of single cable solutions. They have associated with over 7000 dealers in India, giving them access to their diverse product range. Additionally, the company’s network of 235+ service centers across India focuses on solidifying channel partner relationships. Recognizing the future potential of LED technology in the AV sector, ViewSonic is at the forefront of its adoption and promotes sustainable technologies.

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