Home News ViewSonic India Introduces Metaverse Platform ‘UNIVERSE’ at DIDAC India 2023

ViewSonic India Introduces Metaverse Platform ‘UNIVERSE’ at DIDAC India 2023

iewSonic India Unveils Metaverse Platform 'UNIVERSE' and Showcases Diverse Range of Innovation at DIDAC India 2023

ViewSonic India is set to present its latest innovations at DIDAC India 2022 (Booth number E1) from 17th to 19th October 2023. Among these innovations, ViewSonic will introduce its 3D Virtual Campus ‘UNIVERSE’ and the updated ViewBoard IFP-52-2F, which is EDLA Certified and integrated with Android 13 OS.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of 3D Virtual Campus ‘UNIVERSE’ aimed at enhancing online learning experiences.
  • Presentation of the latest ViewBoard IFP-52-2F, certified under Android™ Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) with Android 13 OS.
  • ViewSonic’s participation at Booth E1 during DIDAC India 2023 showcasing a wide range of futuristic products and solutions.

iewSonic India Unveils Metaverse Platform 'UNIVERSE' and Showcases Diverse Range of Innovation at DIDAC India 2023

ViewSonic’s 3D Virtual Campus ‘UNIVERSE’ offers an immersive online learning environment, aiming to go beyond traditional online chat, video calls, and streaming. It enables students to navigate through the digital realm using personalized avatars, and educators can divide students into breakout rooms for group tasks. The platform also incorporates myViewBoard tools, enhancing content sharing and engagement.

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Mr. Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager, ViewSonic – Asia Pacific, commented on the evolving educational landscape, emphasizing ViewSonic’s dedication to equipping educators with necessary tools. He mentioned the creation of ‘UNIVERSE’ as a unique metaverse platform designed to foster engagement and collaboration.

During DIDAC India 2023 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, ViewSonic India will present a broad spectrum of products including interactive flat panels, projectors, VPC-A31-O1, an EDLA-certified OPS slot-in PC, VB-SEN-001 Smart sensor, and the myViewBoard Software Suite.

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic:

ViewSonic’s ‘UNIVERSE’ aims to redefine online education. It crafts a 3D space that offers innovative connection methods, surpassing typical online interactions. The platform’s features extend to enhanced collaboration tools, enabling teachers to use myViewBoard tools via an in-built browser and effortlessly share content.

Discussing ViewSonic India’s participation in DIDAC India 2023, Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India, emphasized the significant shift in teaching techniques due to the adoption of digital tools. He expressed hope that ‘UNIVERSE’ would highlight the benefits of a 3D virtual campus in digital learning.

ViewBoard IFP52-2F:

The EDLA-certified ViewBoard IFP52-2F is crafted for contemporary educators, offering an all-in-one solution across various screen sizes. Its features encompass full Google Play Store access and an enhanced 4K UHD interactive display with an integrated soundbar. With EDLA certification, the product prioritizes fast computing, extensive app availability, and security features.

Creating a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Modern Classroom:

Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP), ViewSonic has developed ViewLessons, offering digital content for NCERT Lessons and other interactive media for K-12 schools. This tool is mapped with major subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Additionally, ViewSonic is organizing workshops for educators, focusing on modern teaching tools and methodologies.

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