Home News Western Digital Launches 24TB & 28TB HDDs for Data Centers

Western Digital Launches 24TB & 28TB HDDs for Data Centers

Western Digital Launches 24TB & 28TB HDDs for Data Centers

Western Digital has started volume shipments of its new 24TB CMR HDDs and is ramping up the production of 28TB SMR HDDs. This move marks a significant advancement in the storage solutions for hyperscale, cloud, and enterprise data centers. The introduction of these high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) is set to meet the increasing demand for scalable, efficient, and sustainable storage solutions in the face of rising data-intensive applications and the proliferation of generative AI.

Key Highlights:

  • Western Digital now shipping 24TB CMR HDDs; 28TB SMR HDDs in production.
  • New HDDs cater to the growing needs of hyperscale, cloud, and enterprise data centers.
  • Designed for cost efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.
  • 28TB and 24TB HDDs incorporate 40% recycled content, 10%+ energy efficiency per terabyte.
  • HDDs support Western Digital’s sustainability targets and customers’ power efficiency goals.
  • Ultrastar DC HC680 (28TB SMR) and HC580 (24TB CMR) HDDs offer high storage density.
  • WD Gold 24TB HDDs also launched for enterprises and SMBs, featuring high reliability.

Western Digital Launches 24TB & 28TB HDDs for Data Centers

Western Digital is leveraging its technology innovations such as ePMR, OptiNAND, and UltraSMR to provide scalable and reliable products. The company’s new 24TB CMR HDD family, built on a 10-disk platform, is designed to cater to the storage needs of hyperscale, cloud, and enterprise data center customers. In addition, Western Digital is enhancing its SMR leadership position with the ramp-up of its new 28TB SMR HDD, building on the momentum of its 26TB SMR HDD shipments.

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Khalid Wani, Senior Director – Sales, India, Western Digital, commented on the significance of these HDDs in supporting enterprises and businesses in their digital transformation. He emphasized the alignment of Western Digital’s storage solutions with the vision of a digitally empowered India.

These new drives are based on a proven platform with specific technological innovations aimed at data center customers. They are a key step in achieving the company’s sustainability goals and assisting data center customers in meeting theirs. The 28TB and 24TB HDDs are constructed with 40% recycled content and offer more than 10% energy efficiency per terabyte, thereby contributing to the power efficiency goals of data center infrastructure.

Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director – Marketing, India, Middle East & TIA, Western Digital, highlighted the era of Zettabyte data proliferation across various industries and digital platforms. He underscored Western Digital’s role in supporting cloud infrastructure through continuous advancements in HDD technology. The 28TB SMR HDD is particularly poised to meet the evolving needs of data-intensive applications and offers a compelling TCO value proposition.

The Ultrastar DC HC680 (28TB SMR) and HC580 (24TB CMR) HDDs are undergoing qualification processes with select hyperscalers, CSPs, and OEM customers and are now available for large enterprise customers. These HDDs are recognized for their high capacity and lower power per terabyte, which is crucial for efficient storage systems and data centers.

Furthermore, Western Digital is integrating these new HDDs into its Ultrastar Data60 and Data102 JBOD hybrid storage platforms. These platforms are vital for designing next-generation disaggregated storage and software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructures.

Additionally, Western Digital has commenced shipping its 24TB WD Gold CMR SATA HDDs into the channel, targeting system integrators and resellers serving enterprises and SMBs. These drives leverage the Ultrastar technology platform and offer high reliability, designed to handle significant workloads and come with a 5-year limited warranty.

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