WhatsApp to Suggest Contacts for New Chats

WhatsApp to Suggest Contacts for New Chats
WhatsApp tests contact suggestions to help you start new chats. Get the latest on this upcoming feature.

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature designed to enhance user engagement and facilitate new connections. The feature, discovered in the recent beta updates, will suggest contacts within your address book who you may want to start a conversation with on WhatsApp.

This new functionality promises to introduce a more streamlined approach to connecting with contacts on the app. Currently, users primarily initiate conversations with individuals they’ve already interacted with or by searching for a contact’s name. The contact suggestion feature will present a new section in the chats list, discreetly located near the bottom to avoid disrupting the current chat layout.

The goal of this feature appears to be fostering new conversations within the app. Whether it’s reconnecting with an old friend or reaching out to someone you’ve had your eye on, WhatsApp wants to streamline the process. The suggestion engine will likely draw from your existing address book, analyzing your contact list to identify suitable conversation candidates.

While there’s no official release date for this feature, WhatsApp often tests new additions with select beta testers before making them widely available. The contact suggestion feature falls in line with WhatsApp’s efforts to create a more dynamic and social experience within the messaging environment. It’s a subtle yet potentially impactful change to how users might interact on the platform.

WhatsApp’s goal for the feature seems to focus on encouraging users to connect with people they might have forgotten about or not recently interacted with. It could provide a convenient way to rekindle old friendships, establish new connections with acquaintances, or even facilitate professional networking opportunities.

The algorithm behind the suggested contacts feature is still under development. It’s likely to take factors like mutual contacts, shared groups, and perhaps even location data into account when generating suggestions. Users will retain control, having the ability to message their suggested contact or dismiss the suggestion.

This feature aligns with WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall user experience. While a precise release date is unknown, the “suggested contacts” feature is expected to be available for both Android and iOS devices in future WhatsApp updates.


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