Yango Tech and Bombay Gourmet Market Forge Partnership

Yango Tech and Bombay Gourmet Market Forge Partnership

Yango Tech has partnered with Bombay Gourmet Market to introduce its White-Label Store App, aiming to enhance the online grocery shopping experience in India. This collaboration brings together Yango Tech’s technology solutions with Bombay Gourmet Market’s grocery offerings to provide a seamless and personalized shopping journey for customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of Yango Tech’s White-Label Store App to Bombay Gourmet Market.
  • The app features advanced machine learning for personalized shopping and real-time order tracking.
  • Dynamic pricing and versatile payment options enhance customer convenience.
  • The partnership aims to transform online grocery shopping in India by combining technology with gourmet selections.

Yango Tech and Bombay Gourmet Market Forge Partnership

Yango Tech, a provider of proprietary technologies for retailers, announced a partnership with Bombay Gourmet Market, a neighborhood grocer in India. This collaboration introduces the White-Label Store App to Bombay Gourmet Market, enabling a personalized and efficient online shopping experience for customers.

The app incorporates machine learning for tailored recommendations and a seamless journey, alongside features like live order tracking, dynamic pricing, and various payment methods. It is designed to showcase Bombay Gourmet Market’s brand and offerings through a custom interface, with no additional development required for launch.

Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Tech, stated the goal of the partnership is to expand Bombay Gourmet Market’s reach and provide a top-tier online grocery experience. Akshay Kumar, Founder-Director at Bombay Gourmet Market, expressed excitement over the partnership, highlighting the app’s ability to quickly launch their online store and offer a convenient shopping experience.

The partnership represents a step towards redefining grocery shopping in India, leveraging technology to offer a unique blend of convenience and gourmet selection.

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