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YouTube Music Introduces Humming-Based Song Search Feature

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to search for songs by humming, singing, or playing a clip of the tune. This update leverages advanced AI technology to match the user’s input with the original recording, making it easier to identify songs when the title or artist is unknown.

How the Feature Works

Starting from October 2023, YouTube Music users on Android began to notice a new search option that uses humming or singing to identify songs. This feature, previously available on the YouTube app, has now been integrated into YouTube Music for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can tap on the search icon, switch to the “Song” tab, and start humming or singing. The AI technology then analyzes the input and matches it to the most likely song from YouTube’s extensive library​​.

AI-Powered Song Identification

This feature is powered by machine learning models that convert audio inputs into numerical sequences. These sequences are then compared against YouTube’s vast database of songs to find the closest match. The process typically takes just a few seconds, offering a swift and efficient way to identify music. This technology is similar to what is used in Google Search and Google Assistant, but its integration into YouTube Music provides a more seamless music discovery experience​​.

User Experience and Availability

The humming search feature is currently available to a limited number of users as part of a gradual rollout. This phased approach allows YouTube to refine the technology based on user feedback before making it widely accessible. As of now, users who have access can find a new button on the search page marked “Song,” which they can use to start humming or singing to identify music​​.

Potential Impact on Music Discovery

This new feature is set to enhance the music discovery process significantly. It addresses a common user frustration of not remembering a song’s title or artist by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. By simply humming a tune, users can quickly find and listen to their favorite tracks without the need for precise information.

YouTube Music’s new humming-based search feature is a notable addition to the app’s functionality, reflecting the platform’s commitment to leveraging AI for improved user experiences. As it becomes more widely available, it is expected to become a popular tool for music enthusiasts looking to discover and enjoy music effortlessly.


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