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After 8 Months, This iOS 17 Feature Proves to be a Game-Changer

iOS 17.4

Apple’s iOS 17 brought a host of new features to enhance user experience, but one feature stood out as particularly transformative after months of use: StandBy. Here’s an in-depth look at how StandBy has proven to be a valuable addition to iPhones.

What is StandBy?

StandBy is a feature that activates when you turn your iPhone on its side while charging. It transforms your device into a versatile information hub that displays a clock, calendar, photos, and more. This feature is designed to be viewed from a distance, making it perfect for bedside tables or office desks.

Setting Up StandBy

To enable StandBy, simply turn your iPhone to landscape mode while it’s connected to a charger. The display will automatically switch to the StandBy mode, showing you customizable widgets and important information. You can control what is displayed, including clocks, photos, and interactive widgets.

Real-World Utility

  1. Bedside Clock: One of the most practical uses of StandBy is as a bedside clock. The display shows the time and date clearly, reducing the need for an additional clock on your nightstand. Additionally, it can display upcoming calendar events, helping you stay organized.
  2. Photo Display: StandBy can turn your iPhone into a digital photo frame. You can select albums or specific photos to be displayed, bringing a personal touch to your space. This feature is particularly appreciated by users who enjoy reliving memories through their photo collections.
  3. Music Control: If you use your iPhone to play music, StandBy makes it easier to control playback without needing to pick up the phone. The music controls are accessible directly on the screen, allowing you to play, pause, or skip tracks with ease.

Compatibility and Updates

StandBy is compatible with all iPhones that support iOS 17, which includes models from the iPhone XR onwards. Since its release, Apple has continuously refined the feature with minor updates, improving stability and adding more customization options.

User Feedback

Many users have reported that StandBy has significantly enhanced their daily routines. The ability to glance at important information without having to interact directly with the phone is a convenience that has been widely praised. For professionals, the calendar display helps keep track of appointments, while the photo display feature adds a personal touch to their workspace.

After eight months of daily use, StandBy has proven to be one of the most valuable features introduced in iOS 17. Its ability to provide useful information at a glance, coupled with the customization options, has made it a favorite among iPhone users. As Apple continues to update and refine this feature, it is likely to become an even more integral part of the iOS experience.


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