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Spotify to Discontinue Car Thing: What You Need to Know

Spotify to Discontinue Car Thing

Spotify has announced the discontinuation of its Car Thing device, a decision that leaves users with inoperable hardware by the end of this year. The Car Thing, initially launched to provide a driver-friendly interface for music playback, will cease to function after December 9, 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about the end of Spotify’s foray into hardware.

Introduction to Car Thing

Car Thing was introduced by Spotify in April 2021, aimed at enhancing the in-car music streaming experience. Priced at $89.99, it allowed users to control Spotify through a dedicated interface, reducing the need to interact with their phones while driving. The device featured voice commands, a touchscreen, and physical controls to play music and podcasts.

Timeline and Reasons for Discontinuation

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Spotify halted the production of Car Thing in July 2022, citing low product demand and supply chain issues. Despite its niche appeal, the device did not gain significant traction among users, who found it easier to use their phones for streaming music. The decision to completely discontinue the device was announced in May 2024, with Spotify informing users that Car Thing would stop working on December 9, 2024​.

Impact on Users

The discontinuation has left many users frustrated, especially since no refunds or trade-in programs are being offered. Spotify has advised users to reset their Car Thing devices to factory settings and dispose of them according to local e-waste guidelines​​. This abrupt end has prompted some users to seek alternative ways to repurpose the device, such as installing a different operating system, though this is not officially supported by Spotify.

Future of In-Car Music Streaming

Spotify’s focus now shifts to improving its software offerings for in-car entertainment. Users are encouraged to use Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AUX or USB cables, Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay for streaming music in their vehicles. This move is part of Spotify’s broader strategy to streamline its product lineup and concentrate on enhancing its core services​.

The discontinuation of Car Thing marks the end of Spotify’s short-lived venture into hardware. While the device offered a unique solution for in-car music control, it ultimately did not resonate with a broad user base. Spotify’s decision reflects its commitment to refining its primary services and adapting to user preferences.

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