Home News Tesla’s Cybertruck Tent Offers Protection Against EMP Attacks

Tesla’s Cybertruck Tent Offers Protection Against EMP Attacks

Tesla's Cybertruck Tent Offers Protection Against EMP Attacks

Tesla’s Cybertruck has long been touted as a robust vehicle, ideal for extreme conditions. Recently, a new accessory has emerged that enhances its appeal to preppers and survivalists: the Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover. Developed by Mission Darkness, this tent-like cover is designed to shield the Cybertruck from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks, ensuring the vehicle’s electronic systems remain functional in the event of a catastrophic EMP event.

What is the Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover?

The Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to protect vehicles from EMPs, which can disable electronic systems. This cover uses multiple layers of TitanRF fabric, a material known for its ability to block electromagnetic signals, including WiFi, Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS, and radio frequencies. The fabric is reinforced with carbon fiber rods and aluminum connectors, ensuring a lightweight yet durable structure. The cover also includes adjustable Velcro tension straps to secure the fabric tightly around the vehicle.

How Does It Work?

An EMP can be generated by natural phenomena like solar flares or by man-made sources such as nuclear explosions. These pulses can disrupt or destroy electronic devices. The Cybercylent cover acts as a Faraday cage, a conductive enclosure that blocks electromagnetic fields. By encasing the Cybertruck in this protective tent, it ensures that the vehicle’s electronics are shielded from EMP effects, maintaining its operability in emergency scenarios.

Features and Specifications

The Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover measures 7’6″ in height, 9′ in width, and 21′ in length, making it suitable for large vehicles like the Cybertruck. The cover’s design allows it to block a wide range of frequencies, providing comprehensive protection against EMPs and other signal intrusions. Mission Darkness emphasizes that while the cover is effective against EMPs, it must be used in a dry, indoor environment to prevent damage to its delicate materials.

Practical Considerations

While the Cybercylent cover offers unparalleled protection, there are some practical considerations to keep in mind. The fabric is conductive and flammable, necessitating careful handling and storage. It is also not designed to be frequently moved or reassembled, and users are advised to use floor mats to protect the cover from tears caused by vehicle movement.

Pricing and Availability

The Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover is available for $15,000, with a lead time of 5-6 weeks as each cover is made to order. This price point reflects the advanced and materials used in its construction, offering a unique solution for those concerned about EMP threats.

The Cybercylent EMP Faraday Car Cover is a testament to the growing interest in vehicle protection against EMPs. While primarily aimed at preppers and survivalists, it also offers peace of mind to anyone looking to safeguard their vehicle’s electronics against unforeseen events. As the only product of its kind tailored specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck, it represents a significant development in personal vehicle protection technology.


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