Home News WhatsApp Reveals Clever New Feature to Ensure Your Secrets Stay Secret

WhatsApp Reveals Clever New Feature to Ensure Your Secrets Stay Secret

WhatsApp Reveals Clever New Feature to Ensure Your Secrets Stay Secret

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature designed to significantly enhance user privacy by adding an extra layer of security to locked chats. The feature, known as the “Secret Code,” allows users to secure their sensitive conversations with a unique password, different from their phone’s main lock screen password. This addition aims to make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access private messages.

What is the Secret Code Feature?

The Secret Code feature builds upon WhatsApp’s existing Chat Lock functionality. Initially, Chat Lock allowed users to secure chats with their device’s biometric authentication or screen PIN. Now, with the Secret Code, users can set a personalized password that can include letters, numbers, symbols, and even emojis. This code is required to unlock and view the secured chats, providing a more robust security measure.

How Does It Work?

Once activated, the Secret Code feature hides the locked chats from the main chat list. To access these hidden chats, users must type the secret code into the search bar at the top of the app. This means that even if someone gains access to the phone, they will not see the hidden chats without knowing the specific code.

Moreover, the Secret Code feature can be quickly applied by long-pressing on a chat in the chat list, making it convenient for users to lock their chats without navigating through multiple settings menus.

Rolling Out Globally

The rollout of this new feature has already begun and is expected to be available globally over the coming months. Users are advised to keep their app updated to ensure they receive the new functionality as it becomes available. It is important to note that simply updating the app might not be sufficient; a server-side update from WhatsApp is also required for the feature to be usable.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

The introduction of the Secret Code is a part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy and security. This new feature is particularly useful for users who need to share their phones with others temporarily but want to ensure their private conversations remain confidential. By providing an additional layer of protection, WhatsApp continues to prioritize the privacy of its users.

How to Use the Secret Code

To use the Secret Code feature:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Locked Chats folder.
  3. Long-press on the chat you wish to lock.
  4. Select the option to lock the chat with a secret code.
  5. Set your unique password, which can include letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis.
  6. Access hidden chats by typing the secret code in the search bar.

For those unfamiliar with the Chat Lock feature, it initially allowed chats to be locked using the device’s biometric or PIN authentication. The Secret Code feature enhances this by providing a customizable password option.

WhatsApp’s new Secret Code feature represents a significant step forward in user privacy and security. By allowing users to set unique passwords for their locked chats, WhatsApp ensures that sensitive information remains secure even if the device is shared with others. This feature, combined with the existing Chat Lock, offers a comprehensive solution for protecting private conversations on the platform.


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