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IBM and The All England Lawn Tennis Club Enhance Wimbledon Experience with AI-Powered Features

IBM and The All England Lawn Tennis Club Enhance Wimbledon Experience with AI-Powered Features

IBM, in collaboration with The All England Lawn Tennis Club, has introduced a new feature to the Wimbledon digital experience, aimed at enhancing fan engagement through the application of generative AI technology. The ‘Catch Me Up’ feature, developed on IBM’s AI and data platform, watsonx, utilizes match data to generate personalized updates and analyses of tennis matches.

Personalized Updates for Tennis Enthusiasts

The ‘Catch Me Up’ feature offers pre and post-match player cards that provide AI-generated stories and analysis accessible via the official Wimbledon website and the 2024 Wimbledon App. These updates are tailored to individual preferences, taking into account factors like location and user profiles. The feature includes player performance analytics, predicted outcomes before matches, and key highlights and statistics after the games.

Broadening the Digital Reach

This year’s Wimbledon will witness a broader application of generative AI to cover not just the main matches but also events like wheelchair tennis, aiming to cater to a diverse international audience. The IBM Slamtracker, a revamped digital match center, will offer succinct previews and detailed post-match analyses through generative AI technology.

Positive Reception and Future Implications

Recent research conducted by IBM and Morning Consult indicates a positive reception towards AI in sports, with 55% of global tennis fans acknowledging its beneficial impact. The survey highlights a preference for real-time updates and personalized content. This sentiment is echoed in fan behaviors, with a significant portion using multiple devices for enhanced viewing experiences and interaction.

Enhanced Fan Engagement Through Technology

The survey also revealed that technology is perceived to positively impact various aspects of sports, including fan engagement and the refinement of training and game strategies. Chris Clements, Digital Products Lead at the All England Club, emphasized that the incorporation of AI allows for a scalable, personalized fan experience.

Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for IBM, commented on the role of generative AI in delivering dynamic, insight-driven content. He noted that such technologies are increasingly being integrated into various sectors, addressing unique business needs.

The Wimbledon Championships are scheduled from 1-14 July 2024. Fans are encouraged to explore the new features by visiting the official website or downloading the Wimbledon App.


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