Home News Optiemus Unmanned Systems Launches Made-in-India Drones for Agriculture and Mapping

Optiemus Unmanned Systems Launches Made-in-India Drones for Agriculture and Mapping

Optiemus launches made-in-India drones for agriculture & mapping, investing ₹140 Cr in "Drone as a Service" model by 2025.

Optiemus Unmanned Systems Launches Made-in-India Drones for Agriculture and Mapping

Optiemus Unmanned Systems (OUS), a subsidiary of Optiemus Infracom Limited, unveiled a new line of indigenously designed and manufactured drones for agricultural and mapping applications. The company plans to invest INR 140 Crores in a groundbreaking ‘Drone as a Service’ model, aiming to deploy a fleet of 5,000 drones by the end of 2025, supported by a team of 6,000 trained pilots. This initiative aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Make in India” and seeks to empower farmers through technology.

Commitment to Indigenization and Affordable Solutions

OUS is committed to localizing drone components, with a goal of achieving 65% indigenization initially and increasing it to 75% by the end of the fiscal year. The company has already localized various parts, including power distribution boards, anti-spark switches, flight controllers, airframes, and motors. OUS aims to offer these drones for precision farming and spraying at affordable prices, making them accessible to a wider range of farmers. This approach is expected to improve farmland productivity and yields while reducing input costs, ultimately leading to increased farmer incomes.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

OUS recognizes the importance of after-sales service and support to ensure smooth operations. They will have a dedicated team with technical and operational expertise, along with a stockpile of drones and components, readily available to address any issues that may arise.

Agri Shakti 10L: Empowering Farmers with Precision Agriculture

The Agri Shakti 10L is a specialized agricultural drone capable of flying for 15 minutes at maximum capacity with a 10-liter spray tank. It can efficiently spray one acre in approximately seven minutes. OUS is launching this drone at a starting price of 2.25 lakhs plus GST to support farmers and contribute to their prosperity.

Vajra QC P20: Precision Agriculture and Mapping Drone

The Vajra QC P20 is a lightweight drone weighing around 2 kg, designed for precision agriculture and mapping. With a flight time of over 30 minutes and a maximum range of 4 km, it can survey areas of 0.5 to 1 sq. km. This drone is versatile, optimizing crop health and yields for sustainable farming, and it can also be used to map farmlands for insurance purposes in case of natural calamities.

Expanding Services and Partnerships

OUS will offer services focused on precision agriculture, pesticide/fertilizer spraying, and other applications, utilizing a hub and spoke model for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The company is actively collaborating with national and state-run cooperative societies, government organizations, and agricultural universities to further its reach and impact.

Vision for the Future

Ashok Kumar Gupta, Chairman of Optiemus Infracom Limited, emphasized the company’s unique business model for drones, based on extensive research. He highlighted the immense potential of the drone market and the company’s commitment to leveraging its expertise to provide cost-effective solutions for agricultural and defense needs. OUS has already established a portfolio of military-grade drones and is actively supplying them to India’s defense and paramilitary forces.


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