CyberArk Unveils First Identity-Centric Secure Browser

CyberArk Unveils First Identity-Centric Secure Browser
Discover CyberArk Secure Browser, the first identity-centric browser designed to secure enterprise access without compromising productivity. Secure your data now.

CyberArk introduced CyberArk Secure Browser, marking a significant advancement in identity security by offering the first browser designed to enhance user security and privacy without compromising productivity.

Key Highlights:

  • CyberArk Secure Browser integrates advanced security features with user convenience.
  • It aims to mitigate the risk of compromised identities, endpoints, and credentials.
  • Offers secure, passwordless access to both on-premises resources and SaaS applications.
  • Aids organizations in enforcing strict security policies while maintaining productivity levels.
  • The solution is part of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, catering to both human and machine identities.

CyberArk’s latest offering, CyberArk Secure Browser, is engineered to bridge the gap between security and usability. Available to customers of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, this tool is designed to secure access to corporate resources, enabling users to navigate both work and personal domains safely. It effectively counters common cybersecurity threats such as cookie theft and session takeovers, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.

Chris Dove from the California Department of Finance highlighted the product’s ability to enforce security policies without hindering productivity, emphasizing its role in safeguarding data through a secure browsing environment. This is especially relevant in today’s landscape where the blending of personal and professional device usage poses significant security risks.

A recent study underscores the challenges organizations face, with a significant portion of workers admitting to bypassing safe browsing policies to fulfill their roles, thus exposing sensitive information to potential cyber threats. CyberArk Secure Browser addresses these issues by offering a solution that not only secures access to privileged information but also integrates seamlessly with existing Identity and Access Management frameworks.

Addressing Enterprise Cybersecurity Challenges

CyberArk Secure Browser tackles key enterprise security concerns by:

  • Securing all types of access through the browser, including privileged and sensitive information.
  • Integrating with the broader security architecture of an organization.
  • Providing a secure pathway for accessing corporate resources from personal or unmanaged devices.
  • Separating work and personal applications to minimize risk exposure.
  • Simplifying compliance with regulatory standards and audit requirements.

Matt Cohen, CEO of CyberArk, emphasized the importance of securing the identity journey end-to-end, especially with the proliferation of cloud-native resources and SaaS applications. He stated that the new browser represents CyberArk’s commitment to extending identity security across all user access points, thereby enhancing enterprise defense capabilities.

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